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MTB Air Fork Insert
Steve Gardiner
Fork: Fork is a Fox 38 Perfmance Elite
Impressive results so far.

I was fortunate enough to meet the Trutune team at an event in Ballater, Scotland where they had a demo rig available to show the insert in action. After purchasing and installation i have to admit that the insert has made the fork feel more progressive and i am now using the full travel of the fork without ever bottoming it out. Also worth noting that the insert has improved the microvibrations i used to get going over loose and rocky ground at speed. So far, very impressed.

MTB Air Fork Insert
Marcos de Jorge
Fork: Fox 38 factory 160mm e bike
Fox 38Factory e-bike

after testing 1 month the TruTune large.

Going down in broken terrain is an absolute delicatessen. Softer, faster, safer. It feels as the mm of the fork has grown to the double.
Going up is a wonderful surprise. Everything is easier. The impact against a rock is softer, what means you can mantain the balance in the bike and let you climb much better, it helps you to achieve next level.

-Down Hill: The excess of sinking deduct precision in braking and curves.
I expected the problem should be in jumps, but it was not. I solved it just closing 2 clicks in LSC and 1 click en HSC and achieved the previous point before TruTune installation. I could say that I won in jumps a little once the recovery of the rebound is softer and progressive.

Absolutely happy with the buy.
Won a lot in enduro and a little in Dh as a resume.
(You need to have LSC regulation)

Marcos Jorge

MTB Air Fork Insert
Fork: Fox 36 Performance Elite (Grip2 damper) 140 mm of travel
Game changer !

I Have a Fox 36 Performance Elite (Grip2 damper) with a short 140 mm of travel on my Norco Optic, I bought the Truetune because I found the fork very arch despite all the set up i've been trying. Maybe be this fork is very good in the 150/160 travel ? Anyway, I'm very happy with the Truetune, the fork is very cofortable now ! A big difference in fact ! I live and ride in the south east of France on very rocky trails, in this conditions I can tell if the suspensions are good or not. I used four spacers (like recomanded in the Norco app), now, no more spacers, just the Trutune. You must increase the air pressure and speed up the rebound of the fork, I added a click or two of compression, and i feel a real big difference now ! I'm very happy of my purchase ! I think it's a must have on short travel forks. I can't tell on longer travel...

MTB Air Fork Insert
Chris Bennett
Fork: Rockshox Zeb Ultimate 2023 170mm
It works!

I thought a lot about how I could improve my Zeb fork. It works well and is smooth, but I was only using a bit over 140mm of its 170mm of travel on my local trails. I am not riding Red Bull Rampage, but I am not pottering around a cross country course either.

After fitting the Truetune cartridge and raising the pressure by 5% I am now using 160mm of travel on a trail that is not particularly challenging. I know a 4 foot huck to flat will probably bottom it out, but I will deal with that if and when I do that.

As well as having the extra travel, the fork does seem to react quicker to square edge bumps. hitting rock gardens at speed is not an issue. I feel the fork gives me more front end grip. Now, Truetune, when are you going to release that cartridge for the RS Super Deluxe that you have been working on? I notice the lack of traction in the rear suspension more, now that I have the Truetune cartridge in the fork.

Looking at the cartridge, this wasn’t a cheap upgrade for what it is, but it is very good value for what it does. Big single crown forks should come with these from the factory.

MTB Air Fork Insert
Ian Sherratt
Fork: Fox 38 Performance elite 180 mm travel
Fox 38

Bought to improve the feel of the fork. Now gets full travel is more supple and sits higher in its travel. Was dubious but it has transformed a great fork into a better version of its self.

Fork: Fox 36 ebike 160mm

This revolutionary product completely redefined the characteristics of my fork making them feel far more responsive and the whole bike more planted

MTB Air Fork Insert
Jeffrey Kidd
Fork: 2024 Lyrik Ultimate 160mm

From the original packaging to the trutune insert itself; everything is high quality.
I increased my pressure roughy 9psi from 101 to 110psi. The fork rides plusher with great mid stroke support. On super steeps I dial up the compression to keep it riding a bit higher. Overall I’m very impressed in the insert.

MTB Air Fork Insert
Damian Butterworth
Fork: Fox 38 170mm
Trutune short insert

Not sure I understand the physics so I’m putting it down to witchcraft. I added 10psi and finally got full travel from my forks, how does that work?!

Fork: Zeb
Trutune short

I'm running a zeb select 170 on an ebike. I found it supportive but harsh on small bump sensitivity. I'd just come home from The Alps and decided upon giving trutune a try. It made an immediate difference. I have since ridden in Wales 4 days solid riding riding red and black trails. I throughly recommend this product. I don't do big jumps and I haven't actually used the full 170mm of travel but most of it on rocky descents.

MTB Air Fork Insert
Jim Strachan
Fork: Fox 38 170mm

Took a few run to find tune rebound and compression and get the right pressure but now I have it dialled in it’s amazing.

Fork: Fox 38 performance ebike tune
Only had chance to use it once but it is immediately noticeable

I'd messed with pressures and tokens for a while and either have a wallowy fork or couldn't get full travel.
Fitted the Trutune, added more pressure than I started with and the result was impressive. I've now got a very supple yet supportive form that gives me full travel. I need to up my pressure even more as it's bottomed out a couple of times

Fork: Fox 36, 160mm travel
Feel it

I’m a heavier rider and have trouble getting my stock suspension to work for my trails. Generally, if I pump up the air to correct sag, the fork is too stiff… and I do not approach using full travel. I popped in the TruTune short and the fork is now working MUCH better for me. It is more comfortable on the chatter and has velcro like grip in corners. I’m also using full travel on larger drops. I love it. Note that I’m in Austin TX, and while we do have some hills, it is generally flat and loose terrain with average ride speeds around 12mph. My only gripe, and why I removed one star, is that the TruTune fit is a bit loose. It is not in danger of falling off inside the fork, but it is more wiggly than I would like and I am concerned it may be rattling on the inside of the stanchion.

MTB Air Fork Insert
Gregory Cyril Chee
Fork: 2023 Fox38 Factory Grip2 180mm
TruTune for Fox 38

Works as advertised and reviewed by bike mag tests. Exactly the solution I was looking for as a 62kg rider,not racer,with a 180mm Fox38!
No fatigueing ramp up toward the last part of travel.With the stock fork,even with zero tokens fitted,if I tried dropping psi to stop the ramp up,it rode a bit low around sag to mid travel.I left it at that as I don't like sudden ramp up.
Now with theTruTune fitted,I get full ride height AND use full travel without the dreaded ramp up! I added 10% more psi and backed off the compression a bit.

MTB Air Fork Insert
Russell Aspden
Fork: Fox 36
Amazing product

I had never heard of this product until a friend recommended them. We were lucky to demo them at ard rock. It made the forks a lot smoother through all the travel.

MTB Air Fork Insert
Mike McGuire
Fork: Fox Elite Performance 36 160mm
Plush and Smooth: Noticeable Improvement

TruTune Carbon Air Fork Insert

TL;DR: Yes, it works. Much more linear fork feel, better small bump sensitivity, smoother overall, and using the available travel.

TruTune Technology:

Fox Elite Performance 36 160mm
223 hours on fork. (needs service)

Set up was 3 x Volume Spacer @ 85psi. Fork feeling OK, only using 85% travel on local trails, which is normal for me. (Our local trails don’t have that may big hits or g-outs.)

Added the TruTune Fox 36/38 Short cartridge + 2 Fox Volume Spacers and increased for pressure +5psi to 95psi before heading to Quebec City to ride this past weekend. Rode SDM the VBN 2 days. Lots of steeps and 2-4 foot drops and steep roll downs.

Overall Fork smoothness was INSTANTLY noticeably better and I used 98% of travel on several occasions from big hits and g-outs. Just like they said, no change in fork performance based on speed. Over 3 days of heavy riding, my hands, arms and shoulders felt good and I did not fatigue at all.

Other notes:
The TruTune cartridge fits to the bottom of the Fox volume spacers, but was loose when clipped on so I added some tape to prevent and rattling.

If you are a big or aggressive rider looking for better overall air fork performance, this product works, and is easy to set up and use. Is it worth $200.00usd? Yes, I'd say so.

MTB Air Fork Insert
ross mcgarva
Fork: RS Lyric Ultimate 160mm
Feels so good

I was pretty sceptical when it turned up in the post that this little black tube could do anything but as soon as I put it in my new Lyrics I could feel a difference
Very impressed

Fork: Zeb A1 170mm
More linear Zeb A1

I have been unhappy with the performance of my fork since I bought the bike. I run into a wall of progression at ~75% travel. Reducing air pressure would drop the fork riding lower in its travel and steepen my HTA (A worse problem for my intended purpose). I bought Trutune as a last ditch effort before buying a Lyrik or Fox 36. Install was very simple, it has made the fork more linear as desired. I am still working on perfecting my setup and may not get there but a definite improvement for what I was looking for.

MTB Air Fork Insert
Mathieu Turbiez
Fork: zen ultimate 2023 180mm
not worth the buy

after installing it and setting the pressure exactly like before I can't feel any difference. I measured the difference in depth on the fork after putting all my weight and jumping before and after and there's a 0.5cm difference (150mm before 155mm after) which is not nothing but not enough to really recommend spending this amount of money.

MTB Air Fork Insert
Mr. paul goodman
Fork: Fox 36 160mm
Surprisingly good!

Had low expectations, sounded too good to be true but it did everything I wanted it to. I now use more of my travel, the progression feels more linear and small bump sensitivity is much improved. Feels like the front wheel tracks the ground better through the ruff stuff.

MTB Air Fork Insert
Eric Zachrisson
Fork: Fox 36 performance 160mm
It works?! Amazing!

Gave this a try after reading a couple of reviews. Have always hade trouble getting the use of all of my fox 36 performance forks travel. Having to drop the pressures way down to get close. That in turn really unbalanced my bike. Plopped the trutune in, and could easily bump the pressures back up and now get full travel when I need it!

MTB Air Fork Insert
Conrad Hilder
Fork: Lyrik Ultimate 170mm travel
Surprisingly good in a long travel fork

Got into mountain biking circa 4-5 years ago. My rides are circa 10-20km when not doing park shuttles (lucky if these are 4-6 times/year). I do enjoy rocky/dificult technical climbs. However what I most enjoy is decending - whether flowy, rocky or drops- and jumps.
My riding weight (ie with kit) is 90kg) and bike is a Nukeproof Mega with a 170mm Lyrik fork. Love the bike and continue to progress/practice larger drops and/jumps. Fork setup before TruTune was 3 tokens with 62psi. Was finding ride was quite harsh through the handlebars to the extent was investigating expensive carbon bars to help. The fork was sitting into its travel with 62psi so as not be to harsh with sag circa 33-34%.
Purchased TruTune short. Elected to install with 1 token and 69psi - circa 10% more pressure. All other settings left unchanges (LSC, HSC & LSR). And I use a Shockwiz to help optimise settings.
After a couple of rides I'm happy with the 69 psi pressure and the 1 token. The fork feels more supportive (ie sits higher / less sag), but then is significantly less harsh. Most recently over a 19km ride with some long quicker downhill rocky sections, and some long downhill fire road rocky sections, the fork was just less harsh. Surprised that at the end of that ride, hand pump and wrist fatigue almost non existant. After these few rides, I’m about to try 1 click more for LSC but thats about it. Fork feels very good. My only remaining test for TruTune is to try it with some larger drops/jumps. I’m anticipating bottom out support will be fine (remembering I’ve TruTune short with 1 token), and likely be in line with no TruTune and 3 tokens.
Overall - very happy with TruTune insert.

MTB Air Fork Insert
Rhys Lodwick
Fork: Fox 36 factory 140
Game changer

This is an upgrade that is really noticeable even to a rode and forget type roder like me
Seems to make the front and rear suspension work so much better together

MTB Air Fork Insert
Pierre Meyer
Fork: 170mm (fox 38)
Très bon produit mais frais de douane beaucoup trop élevés.

Pour l'instant le produit correspond bien a mes attentes a condition de vraiment rajouter de l'air. Meilleure absorption des petits chocs et meilleure utilisation du débattement. En revanche ils serait bien de mentionner les frais de douane, 45€ de frais pour un produit à 100€ c'est énorme !

MTB Air Fork Insert
Samuel Wagner
Fork: Zeb Ultimate 170

It does certainly affect the overall feel of the fork but I’m still not able to use full travel. However, I am still fiddling with settings, air pressure, etc

MTB Air Fork Insert
Bart Leezer
Fork: Fox 36 performance

I only way 60 kg this really helps me use more travel on my fox 36. Only downside is the custom fees because I live outside the UK. That makes the trutune a bit expensive.